Additional questions to ask:

What are the hours of HVAC’s operation?
(heating and air conditioning)
What is the after-hours HVAC charge?
What are the rent escalations, if any, after the first year?
How much tenant improvement dollars do I get?
(paint + carpet = $3-5 per square foot, private offices cost $5,000 each.)
How do you handle operating expense pass-throughs?
(increases in the cost of utilities, janitorial, property taxes, etc., over the lease term)
Is this a fully-serviced lease?
(5-day/week janitorial, 5 day utilities, property taxes, property insurance, sewer, water, garbage, building maintenance and landscaping)
When do my next-door neighbor’s leases expire and how large are their spaces?
What are the rules and regulations of the building?
How much parking do I get?

Jeff Weil