Ten Signs the Office Market has Bottomed

From an office leasing broker’s perspective:

10. The inventory of sublease space is diminishing.
9. Office Brokers are starting to work longer hours and even come in on weekends to catch – up.
8. Developers begin dusting off previously shelved office project plans.
7. Local governments are once again more receptive to business growth, and less restrictive on anti-growth issues.
6. A lot of things are better, but people just don’t know it yet.
5. There are no layoff announcements during a seven-consecutive day period.
4. The previous daily deluge of new sublease announcements had turned into a trickle.
3. Landlords are courting the tenant rep brokers, but a little less aggressively.
2. Your golf game is finally getting good.
1. Broker open-houses are almost non-existent.

Jeff Weil