The impact of tech

Tech is dramatically changing the way commercial buildings are being operated and managed. Data analytics can tie in energy usage of lighting, HVAC, plug loads, and “Building data allows facilities to adjust more quickly to the work routines of employees, a key bridge to the second wave of change, which involves employee wellbeing and its impact on productivity. Organizations increasingly recognize the link between productivity and employee satisfaction, even as they struggle to reduce facility costs and average square feet per employee. Their executives read such things as the World Green Building Council report that says workers with access to daylight are 18% more productive. They think about interactive office design when they read an article like the recent one in the Harvard Business Review with data showing that when salespeople interact 10% more with coworkers from other teams, their sales grow by 10%.” Layout design integration with energy efficiency and wellbeing to control costs while enhancing employee productivity. (Buildings, December 2015)