Moving a company office in the Bay Area

In Silicon Valley, The Peninsula and San Francisco expanding companies are outgrowing their office space and having to relocate, some as often as every few years. Making this transition easier is moving into tricked-out trendy designed space, with new furniture.
Getting consensus from the employees as to the new location is very important. What matters most to them – retail amenities, public transit, nearby gyms and restaurants and a safe environment? Changing from private offices to cubicles or high-walled cubicles to lower, open collaborative space can be unsettling, and made easier by hosted luncheons in the new space prior to move day, touring employees and inviting them to sit in the new, under construction digs. New office design may require a whole new style of working, but the increase in synergy and energy level can make it all worthwhile. (Contra Costa Times December 13, 2014)