Bicycle parking

Buildings, August 2015 had several great ideas for providing bike parking at work that employees actually want to use and are even encouraged to bike to work.
1) Have a brainstorming session with your company’s bicyclists to get their input and support. If you don’t get their buy-in, it will probably be a waste of money.
2) The old-fashioned bike racks may damage bikes and allow easy theft, so check out bike lockers or, if enough demand, bike rooms, perhaps in the parking garage or underutilized facility space.
3) The right location can make all the difference in how many people use the bike parking. If too hard to get to or use, it will deter usage. Have it by the main entrance or main employee entrance, or convert a parking stall (one stall can accommodate 10-12 bikes).
4) Collaborate with the Human Resource department. Offer group riding events, bike repair classes and incentives to sustain a bike-friendly workplace. This may have a positive impact on employee retention, recruiting, wellness programs, and insurance premiums.