17,500 residents per square mile

News headlines from The Registry on-line news: “$900 million in office trades in San Francisco last week”… my comment, this should be a property tax windfall to the City of San Francisco which has seen a population increase of 75-100,000 new residents over the past ten years and next to New York City has the highest population density in the U.S., 17,500 residents per square mile. San Francisco has only 49 square miles, and it’s Muni and Bart are reportedly maxed out due to the thousands (tens of thousands?) of new tech workers…another headline “Columbia Property Trust Deal on 650 California Earns 3.6 Cap Rate”, “Rockefeller Earns Nearly 30 percent Profit on Sale of 50 Beale in San Francisco”, “Pembroker Pays $531 Per Square Foot for 100 California St.”