Eventbrite’s office space design vibrancy

Online ticketing service Eventbrite went from start-up to grown-up, but kept its office space design vibrancy- the outer ring of the office floor features floor-to-ceiling glass, and services as the main work area. The inside ring is a series of different types of meeting areas, with conference tables, lounge chairs, standing-height tables with tall stools- most have one wall open – the innermost ring is a group of smaller, quieter offices for one to four people, with floor lamps, wall sconces and even an occasional hammock. (SF Registry, 8/22/14)

Boomers retire, but Millennials shrinking

Boomers retire, but Millennials shrinking… Every day for the next 15 years 10,000 Baby Boomers reach age 65… and an article titled ‘War for Talent Driving Office Leasing Decisions’ expresses CEO concern that the influx of new workers is shrinking, from 2 million people aged 18 to 64 entering the US workforce on an annual basis for the past decade, to 750,000 annually today, and by 2020, to 250,000 annually. Good thing the Robot generation is on its way! (National Real Estate Investor – Jun 17, 2014)

Green Buildings Do Not Make For Happier Workers

Wow, Green Buildings Do Not Make For Happier Workers…according to a recent research project of UC Berkeley and University of Nottingham analyzing 21,477 survey responses in 144 office buildings, the LEED certified occupants were happiest during the first year a worker spends in a green building, then satisfaction leveled out matching non-LEED buildings. Click here for the whole article.