Living walls and tables

Living walls and tables – there is a company Habitat Horticulture that makes living walls of plants for office environments, with low maintenance greenery that becomes an integral part of the office environment. Living tables will be coming out in the next six months – not sure how this will work, but you can get more info at Habitat Horticulture website.

The Traditional office will soon be extinct

In an article titled ‘The Traditional office will soon be extinct’, a study from Aruba Networks surveyed 1,000 IT professionals worldwide to get a better idea of what the workplace will look like in the future. “The term ‘office’ will become obsolete in the coming years as we completely redefine where and how work gets done.” The younger employees, ‘GenMobile’ want to work anywhere, wireless and always connected…Study: The traditional office will soon be extinct

Corporate expansions?

For the first time since 2007 I am beginning to see signs of cautious corporate expansion in the East Bay, almost like watching the Spring blooms begin to emerge after a long cold Winter. Professional organizations and corporations have run lean as long as they could and are now tentatively thinking about expansion…It’s been seven long years and our 15% vacancy rate means plenty of expansion space just waiting for them…