more people, housing units and jobs in SF

John Rahaim, director of planning for San Francisco, said over the past four years San Francisco added 50,000 new jobs and expects to add about 10,000 people per year over the next two to three years. Projections indicate that by 2040 San Francisco’s population will grow by 200,000 people, need 100,000 more housing units and 200,000 more jobs. (The Registry October 8 2014)

Talent attraction and retention efforts in SF

San Francisco tech companies design their office space to attract and retain talent, foster creativity and appeal to clients. Visa leased 113,000 sf with SF bay views, lots of nearby restaurants, public transit, hotels, and their offices have glass conference rooms, open offices, bench seating as well as workstations. Other companies have community-driven interiors such as open kitchens and abundant informal meeting areas. (The Registry October 8 2014)

Google purchased almost one million square feet

Google purchased almost one million square feet of Class A office buildings at Redwood Shores, and the project has entitlements to allow significant additional office building construction. It is also accessible by ferry which could be an alternative commute transport system. Hmmm, with Google pioneering driverless cars, could driverless ferry boats be that far behind?…(SF Business Times October 3 2014)

“Is this enough?” or “Is this too much?”

200,000 housing units in the San Francisco Bay Area either currently under construction or in the development pipeline, and some folks are asking, “Is this enough?” We aren’t building new roads, not much new mass transit and I haven’t heard of huge parking lot construction, so maybe, “Is this too much?” At an average of two persons per house or apartment, this is about 40% of the population the entire states of North and South Dakota, Maine, Vermont, Alaska, Wyoming, or Delaware…(SF Business Times September 2014)